Ultra Weekend May 13th – 15th



We’ve already written about the new global event in Tanki where 4 game regions — the English, the German, the Polish and the Russian communities — will battle for supremacy on a world map of a fictional world (this is NOT a map inside Tanki Online).


The battle will take place on a special website, which will be launched before the start of the event. Your goal is to choose a side and lead it to victory, and it will require not only the skills in the game, but also the ability to make the right tactical decision, and everyone can contribute to the success of their team!


How to participate


  • Buy one of the 4 faction paints for 100 crystals in the Garage

  • Log into the special site by entering your nickname and password for an account in Tanki Online. IMPORTANT! Make sure you came to the right website and only from the official sources, and NOT, for example, from a link in the chat.
  • Be ready to wage war together with your friends!


Battle operations


The «War» is played in a turn-based format, where each turn lasts for 48 hours and consists of 2 phases:


  • Strategy phase


Participants will plan ahead their actions: you need to choose 2 regions for attack (targeted regions must be connected to the territory already belonging to your faction) and 1 region of your own faction for defense against enemy forces. The vote will happen on the special site for the War. On the same site you will be able to track progress of all 4 factions in the War.


This phase will end after 24 hours.


At the end of the Strategy phase each army will attack 2 regions, which received the most votes on the site during that day. What region to defend is chosen the same way.


To confirm the vote, you need to make 200 kills or more while wearing the faction paint*.

*your vote will be counted ONLY if you make 200 kills or more in the faction paint


  • Battle phase


On the second day of each turn the goal of all participants is to play most effectively, maintaining a high K/D ratio to support your faction, and also to make the kill quota by working together — this means both the pros and the beginners can help factions to win!


How to win


The global goal for each faction is to collect resources (Survey Data and Rocket Fuel), and to capture and defend for 1 full turn the central region of the map with the Nuclear Rocket. Capturing the Nuclear Rocket IS possible before you collect enough resources to win, but your faction will need to hold it for 1 more turn after your collect the necessary resources.



Every turn all factions will earn 1 point of both resources from their Capital cities. There are special regions on the map with Survey Data Centers and Rocket Fuel Factories, which will earn you 1 point of both resources every turn.



Additionally, there are several regions with a one-time bonus, and after you capture one of these regions, all players who contributed to its capture by participating in the Strategy and Battle phases will earn in-game prizes!


To win the War, you need to complete ALL 3 conditions:


  • Collect 10 points of each resource;
  • Capture the central region with the rocket;
  • Hold the region with the rocket for 1 full turn.


The winners will get containers, crystals, rare paints and will reign over the world!


That’s all details for today. Who will you fight for in the War? And if you have any questions about the event — post them here, we will answer them in the next issue of the Herald!


When will the War start will be announced closer to the launch of the event.


IMPORTANT: «War» — is a team battle, and to win all tankers of the same faction need to coordinate their efforts. You can do it using any available option: in the Chat, on the Forum, on the official Facebook page and in Twitter replies. For each region a new section of the Forum will be added just for this purpose, using the official language of the region, and you will be able to post strategies, choose territories for capture and coordinate battles.




When will the War begin?
The start of the event is planned for the middle of February, and we’ll announce dates later.


Which paints will I need to buy?
Specially for the event we’ve made 4 unique paints, which symbolize one of the factions of the European regions of Tanki Online.


When will the paints be available for purchase? How much will they cost?
All 4 regional paints will appear in the Garage a few days before the War begins. They will cost 100 crystals each.


Which modes will count for the War?
You can play any mode to count the kills for the War, but only in regular, non-PRO battles and while wearing the faction paint.


Is there a rank restriction for participating in the War?
Only players who reached the rank of Master Sergeant and above can participate.


On which map do I need to play for the event?
You will need to make kills in Tanki Online, but to make turns and capture territories you will need to go to the special site with a map of a fictional world.


Where can I find the special site for the event?
We will post the link in the news about the start of the event.


Will the team with the most players win?
No. To win in the War, you need to maintain a high K/D ratio and strategically choose which territories to capture and defend, and not only make enough kills, so the chances are equal.

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