YouTubers VS Developers



Thank you so much for sending us a lot of cool videos for the «15 Seconds to New Year» contest, and this holiday season we wish all of your video messages to come true!


And now, after intense debates among the judges, the winners are…


The Winners


  • 1st place: destroy-who
    100.000 crystals, 20 Gold Boxes, 10 containers and Tanki t-shirt and coffee mug.



  • 2nd place: White.Wo1f
    70.000 crystals, 15 Gold Boxes, 7 containers and Tanki t-shirt and coffee mug.



  • 3rd place: I.StarLess
    50.000 crystals, 10 Gold Boxes, 5 containers and Tanki t-shirt and coffee mug.



Congratulations to the winners!


We will be contacting you personally in PMs for shipping addresses.


The Runner-ups


It was very tough to pick the winners, and we decided to award 11 more entries with runner up prizes!


WEPY (video)
mattheww0520 (video)
LaszloHunor (video)
mimko2001 (video)
Hippin_in_Hawaii (video)
Crafty (video)
SiLEnCeR.T0 (video)
KY_TANKMAN (video)
navjeetsingh_tanki (video)
snoopygirl (video)
devil3_EN (video)


Congratulations to the runner ups!


All 11 entries will receive 20.000 crystals, 5 Gold Boxes and 3 containers.

Prizes will be delivered within 24 hours.

Thank you for entering the contest and wishing Happy New Year to fellow tankers!


See you in 2018 😉

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