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Masters of Parkour 2017 is finally ready for its most anticipated stage and the Finals will be streamed live at 17:00 UTC November 4th on the official TO Youtube channel.


After careful review of over 200 entries and heated debates among the judges we have picked 10 most skilled and creative parkour teams of 2017, welcome the Finalists!


Oye, Drowning, TT_r_O_f_E_s_S_i_O_n, O_o_00oo000_o_O


Flyer, I.Legend.I, My_Skills_To_Win, Mr.SkiIIZz


I.Fight, Olymp, Traffic, MOR4RL3




Intellect, Hate, Spirit, Jan


Graphics, oOo.Anonymous.oOo, Boar, Average


stanzhang, Govenier, emrakul, Sensei


Adiela, Skull, QTr, Spy


Feelings, jox99, SKILL.NooB, O_White_O


VVhy, 0ff, kvjdkrgsdk, Ms.Drakon


Congratulations to the best 10 parkour teams of 2017!


Let’s remind what are the prizes for winning Masters of Parkour 2017:


Prizes (for each teammate):

  • All the finalists will receive the unique paint “Master of Parkour 2017”, which will remain in their garages forever.
  • 1st place: 50 000 crystals, 50 units of each supply, 20 gold boxes, any* fully upgraded protection module + gaming keyboard.
  • 2nd place: 30 000 crystals, 30 units of each supply, 15 gold boxes, any* fully upgraded protection module.
  • 3rd place: 20 000 crystals, 20 units of each supply, 10 gold boxes, any* fully upgraded protection module.
  • The remaining finalists will receive 10 000 crystals and 5 gold boxes each.


Additionally, we wanted to award 5 teams, who also showed impressive skill this year:


Warm, Deception, W.I.H.U, Fractal (video)
GooD_6aMer, i.unstopable, ll_BOSS_ll, B-13 (video)
Member, Mike, Jumper, Virtuoos (video)
Ghost_Animators, Wealthy, something22, Zod (video)
xYONi, xAiKO, onno_20, FIREFOX_IT (video)


Consolation prizes will include “Master of Parkour 2017” paint, 5000 crystals and 5 Gold Boxes for all members of the runner up teams.


Thanks to all participants of the video stage and don’t miss the live Finals on our Youtube channel tomorrow at 17:00 UTC!


IMPORTANT NOTE: The captains of Top 10 teams need to contact event organizers before the Finals stream. Please message Nikk (event judge) or Nives (EN CM) on the Forum.

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