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From 02:00 UTC November 16th until 02:00 UTC November 23rd an epic battle will rage between two social networks in Tanki Online. Join the side of VKontakte or Odnoklassniki and win cool prizes!


To participate in the battle you need to buy one of the two paints. After purchasing the paint play the most efficiently (kill more enemies and die as little as possible) and help your side win! The more kills you make the bigger is your prize. And if your social network wins the battle the prizes will be doubled.


Event Details


The event will last exactly one week: from 02:00 UTC November 16th until 02:00 UTC November 23rd.


For the duration of the event you will find 2 new paints in the Garage — for all participants who support “VKontakte” and for all who support “Odnoklassniki”. Both paints will cost 1000 crystals. If you buy one paint, the other will become unavailable for purchase. When the event ends, all purchased paints will remain in the Garages of their owners forever.


Personal Race


After purchasing the paint your task is to equip it in the Garage and defeat enemy tanks in any battles (regular and PRO-battles). The more kills you make in the 7 days of the event, the bigger will be your prize:


  • Prize for destroying 500-999 enemy tanks — 1000 crystals;
  • Prize for destroying 1000-1499 enemy tanks — 2000 crystals, 20 of each supply (except Gold Boxes);
  • Prize for destroying 1500-2499 enemy tanks — 3000 crystals, 30 of each supply (except Gold Boxes), 1 day of Premium;
  • Prize for destroying 2500-6999 enemy tanks — 5000 crystals, 50 of each supply (except Gold Boxes), 2 day of Premium;
  • Prize for destroying 7000+ enemy tanks — 10 Gold Boxes, 100 of each supply (except Gold Boxes) and 3 days of Premium.


We’ll also give away 5 Dream Tanks among tankers who make more than 7000 kills and whose team will win the battle at the end of the event. Dream Tank is a fully upgraded tank with any turret, hull and protection module available at your rank in the Garage, including XT equipment.


Team Race


But the race is on not only for you — it’s for the whole team! The game will count all kills for all tankers who purchase either VKontakte or Odnoklassniki paint and equip them during the event. The social network which scores the higher K/D (ratio of Kills/Deaths), will win — and double the rewards for all tankers on the team!


Check the progress of your team on a special website. There you will also see the rating of Top 10 most deadly tankers for each social network. Every tanker who makes the Top 10 at the end of the event will receive a month of Premium!** And those who take the 1st spot for each team will also get the animated paint “Flow”.

**double prizes for the winning team do not apply to this prize


Choose your side and win!

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