Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd



This edition of THE GAME is over, and it’s time to announce our winners.


  • With a score of 435 (up to 500), the fastest and smartest tanker for this edition is killjet. He gets 1000 pieces of each supply (except gold boxes), 100 gold boxes and a Dream Tank. Congratulations!
  • Here are our runners-up:  Energy (422 points), MasterRob (392 points), xX_NICE_xx (384 points), Armenia (381 points), E_N_T_U_Z_I_A_S_T (377 points), Scorpion321.ru (368 points), 3BEPO3ABP (368 points), 4ns (356 points), Mod_Smail_VK (349 points). They each get 500 pieces of each supply (except gold boxes), 20 gold boxes and one alteration of their choice.
  • Those players who got between 106 and 343 points will be getting 100 pieces of each supply (except gold boxes) and 10 gold boxes. For a list of these players, please check the bottom of the announcement.
  • Tankers with a score from 30 to 105 points will be getting 20 pieces of each supply (except gold boxes).
  • Participants who only earned 25 points will be getting 10 pieces of each supply (except gold boxes).


Thank you for taking part! See you in the next installment of THE GAME!




List of players with 106-343 points:


Green_Tomatik, Kpygobopot, Mr_C_R_A_Z_Y, Hellcat, wadja, nizam771, Scorpion321, King, int32, Argisht, TANKIST_N-1, rabotass, 3BEP03ABP, AK-47, AHANC59, 3BEPOMOHCTP, w_a_d_j_a, Soldier, MestbJOKER_2_5_8a, Danil1132, Infinity, Mrs.Soldier, Malenkiu_Dinozavrik, Bcerga_KoToB, 3OPPO_B_TAHKE_999, Bloody_Jaguar, galantsimo, NeoN.a.k.a.KriS, DEMON-END-ANGEL, L0ader, xXxSaNe4eKxXx, SHOAIB.ZAFAR, JWonderchild228, KpAcHa9I-ROZA, TTPO_100_CKUJlU, ms.evilfox, Lll.a.qp.t.o.b.o.d, selim5_2014, M.E.G.A.JL.O.D.O.N, 77ABERBAL77, Fatoll.12, Origami.Boy, jada2107, Crazy_Man, MECTb_AJLEKCEU_777, Anonono, Oco6o_3JIa, Vale_Meteor, ZloyPozitiv, I.SeCrET.BoY, marians4, Arpeccop, ghost.from.future, Dashnak-80, KAPEH, GOR-VRAM, GOR_VRAM, buj316, master740_PRO, AndreyMIX, Changeless, antonbelovodskij, PaBuJlb, 6e3yMHa9I_PblCb, egor231002_231002, Tronni, Fatoll-12, danzot2045, Spectre, K.a.t.e, Scientist, donatello-herepashka, Eat_Faster_Anacondas, opera4561, F.A.K.T.Y.R.A, l_3EJIEHA9I_TPABA_l, andrey1606, Dead.Sea, Enemy, NICK_007_BEST, vlad20151617, Sailor-Venus, BUTAJLUU_777, Be4Hoe_Cu9lHue, BACADIMA, Rustam, Keiti-Scarlett, Kapitan-Trololo, CJIOH_CYJITAHA, kotoxod

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