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We’ve just rolled out 2 major changes in Tanki Online: finding an item you need in your garage is now a lot easier with the folders feature, while Control Points battles have become a lot more dynamic.

Folders in Garage
The garage is no longer separated into “My Items” and “Shop”. Instead, all items are now divided into 6 categories:

  • Turrets
  • Hulls
  • Paints
  • Supplies
  • Kits
  • Special

Guns are sorted according to effective range, and hulls according to weight and protection. Paints are displayed from most advanced to most basic. Additionally, you can now preview paints in your garage to see how they look on your tank before buying them.

The “Special” folder includes passes, Double Crystal Cards, as well as temporary and unique items added to the game for various events.

For every folder, the game first displays the items you own, next, the ones that are available for purchase, and finally, goods that are not yet available due to your rank.

By the way, the game memorizes the last viewed folder, and will be opening it automatically next time you enter the game.

Also, if something new happens inside a category, such as a new item being unlocked, or a new discount becoming available, a red indicator will appear on top of the respective button.

Reworked CP mode
The Control Points mode has become a lot more dynamic thanks to the updated system for score calculation.

Now, besides growing their score by controlling points, the leading team will also lose points for every control point currently occupied by the enemy — the losing side will be able to close the gap, so a battle’s outcome will always remain unclear till the very end, making for an even more exciting game!

That’s all, tankers. Make sure you enter the game right now to try out the new changes for yourselves. We really hope you enjoy them!

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