Tanki Fund
Ultra Weekend June 24th – 26th
Hello, tankmen!Have you ever seen a tank roaming through the battlefields, with a paint that you have not seen before? If you have, then you are one of the lucky ones — there are only 5 types of ‘special’ paints that cannot be purchased in the garage! Three of them are given only to staff members, and two are given to the best of players in Tanki Online. Here, I will tell you about each one, and give a couple pictures!

Champion — This majestic paint of gold is given only to the winners of the inter-clan championships. Each issue of this paint has 20% protection against every weapon in the game.

Acid — Do not mistake this beautiful paint with the common Emerald skin! This radiant green-black paint is only in the possession of team “International,” last year’s TOF Championship winners. It has 20% protection against every weapon, like Champion.

Alligator — The paint of the moderators is a calling for all who see it to be on their best behaviors. This intimidating paint is issued only to the past and present moderators of the game. It has no protection against any weapon.

Reporter — The most beautiful of all paints, ‘Reporter’ is only given to the proud staff members who work for Tankionline’s English and Russian newspapers in the forum. Some of these players also work on the Tanki blog. (You are reading it right now.) For the time being, it has no protection, other than =]”This exclusive coat gives protection from swear language and flood.”= -from the paint’s description in the garage.

Microchip — The newest addition to the exclusive paint collection, this protection-less paint is given to the consultants of the project. Feel free to ask the owner’s of this high-tech coat any questions you have about the game; they will be glad to answer.

Special thanks to: SuperNick95