Basic information


Brief rules


Participants of the tournament


The tournament involves teams from 8 to 12 players who have passed the registration stage and are confirmed their participation according to the Rules. Requirements for team members – Rank not below Brigadier. Also there are no substitutions/transfers during the tournament.



The tournament consists of two stages: The Group stage and the Play-offs.

The group stage consists of two rounds:

The places in the groups are distributed according to the points earned: for the victory in the match team receives 3 points, for draw 1 point and for the defeat 0.


Maps and formats of the battles:


Battles between teams are held in 7vs7 format, with Smart Supplies, CP mode.






Broadcast and spectating the matches of the tournament

Records and broadcasts of the tournament are published in this link.

More information in a special section on the Forum.

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