Tanki and The Dark Matter


We launch the «Tanki and The Dark Matter» mini-game which will last 27 days, starting from 2 AM UTC April 12th till 2 AM UTC May 9th.


You will be moving about fragments of the starship and earn the following prizes while doing so: a unique event participation paint, crystals, batteries, tankoins, Nuclear Energy, containers, new Legacy skins for Smoky and Wasp, «Crisis» drone, «Armadillo» protection module, Ricochet’s «Pulsar» augment, and the super prize — the unique «RetroFuture» skins for Paladin and Ricochet.




Your tank needs energy to travel around space.

The are a few ways to get it:

  • Special offers
  • Tankoin packs
  • Premium Pass purchase
  • Special gold boxes (1 special gold box = 1 unit of Energy)
  • Daily missions
  • Special missions

Special offers


They will be available in the Shop during the whole duration of the event.


Special «Orbital reserves» offer

  • 5 Ultra Containers
  • 10 Containers
  • 20 units of Energy

Special «Missing mass» offer

  • 200 Ultra Containers
  • 100 units of Energy
  • 50 gold boxes
  • Ricochet’s «Sizzling field» augment

To start playing, you must log into the mini-game website using the username and password from your in-game account.

Earn energy, roll the dice, travel about fragments, reach checkpoints and get cool rewards!

Full speed ahead!