Ultra Weekend!


This Friday, Saturday and Sunday, do not miss out on the «Ultra Weekend» event!


TL;DR: Special missions, boosted funds and experience, coinboxes and ultra containers, special bundles and themed decorations.


This «Ultra Weekend» comes with lovely ultra containers and coinboxes! Have you seen those awesome elite XT skins for Hopper and Ares? Tankers have gotten them from Ultra containers! You can also get augments for Hopper and Ares or «Crisis» drone, as well as crystals, supplies, gold boxes, days of Premium Pass, common and rare paints, augments, XT and PR skins, and coinboxes.


We have also prepared a special «Magnate» offer for you, consisting of 50 ultra containers, 50 coinboxes and 100 000 crystals. It will be available in the Shop during the event.


And of course, special missions:


Mission: Ultra fighter

Task: Earn 5 000 points in any Matchmaking battles.

Prize: 1 Ultra Container and 10 Stars


Mission: Ultra warrior

Task: Earn 10 000 points in any matchmaking battles.

Prize: 2 Ultra Containers and 20 Stars


Mission: Ultra terminator

Task: Earn 20 000 points in any matchmaking battles.

Prize:3 Ultra Containers and 30 Stars


Mission: Knockout

Task: Destroy 300 tanks with melee range turrets (Firebird, Freeze, Isida) in the «Siege» mode matchmaking battles.

Prize: 20 stars


Mission: Winner

Task: Be in the winning team of 20 «Siege» mode matchmaking battles.

Prize: 20 stars


Have fun and enjoy the weekend!