Mad Tanks!

For 2 weeks, starting November 4th, 02:00 UTC until November 18th, 02:00 UTC, we will have a special “Mad Tanks” event!
Complete missions, get cool prizes, open coinboxes and be an invincible Juggernaut in the festive DM mode.

Special missions

Play Matchmaking battles and complete special missions! They will definitely help you to complete the challenges!

Mission: Supermission: Superhero!
Task: Complete «Avada Kedavra», «Thor’s Hammer», «Rage», «Hercules», and «Destroy the boss» missions.
Prize: 5 ultra containers

Mission: Avada Kedavra
Task: Finish 15 Matchmaking battles.
Prize: 50 stars

Mission: Thor’s Hammer
Task: Deal 1 000 000 damage to opponents in Matchmaking battles.
Prize: 100 stars

Mission: Rage
Task: Destroy 300 tanks in Matchmaking battles.
Prize: 150 stars

Mission: Hercules
Task: Earn 50 000 battle points in Matchmaking battles.
Prize: 5 ultra containers

Mission: Destroy the boss
Task: Destroy 5 Juggernauts in the DM mode in Matchmaking battles.
Prize: 2 containers

Special mode

Starting from November 7th, 02:00 UTC until November 9th, 02:00 UTC
Be an invincible Juggernaut in the festive DM mode and control the map!
During this weekend, everyone may be a Juggernaut!

The details are as follows:

  • The battles will be in the DM mode;
  • Battles will be one of three random maps: Yorkshire, Magistral, and Highways;
  • Lots of gold boxes will drop;
  • Each player in the battle will sport the Juggernaut and Terminator combination.

See you on the battlefield!