Cosmonautics Day

Traditionally, in April we celebrate Cosmonautics day — the day when the first human journey into space actually happened.

As always, «Tanki» has prepared a lot of activities for you! And something new and interesting as well!

From 02:00 UTC, April 9th until 02:00 UTC, April 10th:
30% Sales in the Shop. The sale applies to crystals, gold boxes, kits, and stars.

From 02:00 UTC, April 10th until 02:00 UTC, April 11th:
30% Sales in the Garage. The sale applies to hulls, turrets, modules, augments, drones, supplies (including batteries), and paints. 

From 02:00 UTC, April 11th until 02:00 UTC, April 12th:
Sales on Upgrades. 30% sale on upgrades and 50% on speedups.

Two special modes: «Jump, Hopper, Jump!» and «Hornet + Railgun».

Updated Ultra-Containers with cool prizes!

Two special offers so everyone will find something to choose for themselves. This time they have the new Energy points inside.

New festive missions – complete them and get cool prizes: Shards, Stars, and Ultra Containers.

And, of course — Meteorites!

Enjoy the breathtaking space journey together with «Tanki»!