Summer Sport Games

The hottest days of summer are coming! This year we have decided to make them even hotter with our new incredible event — the Summer Sport Games which will start on Friday July 16th, and will last until 02:00 UTC on Monday, July 26th.

There will be A NEW SPECIAL «ARMS RACE» GAME MODE, special missions, boosted funds and experience, Coinboxes and Ultra Containers, sales, valuable special offers, and a festive piggy bank for mobile players.

From Friday 16th July until 02:00 UTC on Monday July 19th, you can take part in the the uniquie «Arms race» mode event, players will need to earn battle points with equipment that changes during the battle.

Of course, you can’t forget about Ultra Containers. You may get the new «Tesla» turret out of them as well as augments, skins and other incredible prizes!

Got a keen eye for a great deal? Cool. We’ve created two special bundles that will be available in the Shop starting From Friday 16th July until 02:00 UTC on Monday July 26th.

Special «Doping» bundle:
Animated «Nickel» paint
300 Ultra Containers
Crusader Mk2
Crusader XT
Crusader’s «Stun Immunity» augment

Special «Daily Tankoins Pass» bundle:
500 Tankoins instantly
150 Tankoins each day for 30 days as a pre-completed special mission

And don’t forget about special missions! Complete them to get containers and stars!

Enjoy this hot summer with Tanki!