The new «Hopper» hull


Please welcome the new «Hopper» hull! It hovers in the air and has extra manoeuvrability. Hopper can jump! To use this ability, you need to activate overdrive which will also stun and set fire to opponents.


Jump over barriers, launch a surprise attack into an enemy’s base and destroy their tanks.
Powerful jumping engines allow Hopper to reach any section of the map, even on top of buildings.


Want to get this novelty and test its suporpowers earlier than others? The special «Early Access» bundle will let you do so!

The bundle consists of:

  • Hopper MK1
  • 100 updated ultracontainers
  • Hopper’s Heat Resistance augment
  • Hopper’s Cold Resistance augment


Enter the Shop and conquer new heights in Tanki!