UFO day and special missions


UFO Day is already here!

From the 1st of July 02:00 UTC until the 6th of July 02:00 UTC, a lot of cosmic activity will be taking place in the game!

July 3rd 02:00 UTC — July 4th 02:00 UTC:

  • 30% off in the Shop
    July 4th 02:00 UTC — July 5th 02:00 UTC:
  • 30% off in the Garage
    July 5th 02:00 UTC — July 6th 02:00 UTC:
  • 30% off on micro-upgrades and 50% on their speedups.

Upgrade your tank and become a Tanki millionaire with 2x boosted funds and experience.
Fall into a sea of Gold Boxes! These will drop more often for the duration of the event.
Do you want to possibly receive 100 000 Tankoins and more? You can do just that by opening Coinboxes which will also be available for purchase in the Shop for the duration of the celebrations!


And of course, a special bundle will be available for purchase in the Shop as well:

  • 5 containers;
  • 300 of each supply (except gold boxes and batteries);
  • 100 000 crystals.


Alien missions boasting cool rewards! What could be better? Supplies, paints, pit-stop boxes, and bright shot effects are in the prize pool.


Enter the game, check out the themed decorations, have fun, and find your alien friend!