Challenge I

The new challenge is already in the game!


Dates: 1st 02 UTC – 16th 02 UTC every month.


Complete all 60 tiers, earn 3000 stars and receive cool prizes such as: units of the «Nuclear Energy» supply, augments for turrets and hulls, thousands of crystals, supplies, containers, unique paints, and even a skin and tankoins.


Special «Momentary Progress» offer


During the first 5 days of the Challenge, you have an opportunity to give yourself a head start by purchasing the special «Momentary Progress» offer that includes the «Battle Pass» and unlocks the 15 tiers of the Challenge!

You can get this exclusive bundle for a cool 1400 tankoins.


If you purchase the Battle Pass, you also unlock the Gold Tier prizes: twice the amount of cool rewards! And what’s more, if you have a Premium Pass, you receive twice the amount of stars for each battle.

Hurry up and start receiving these awesome prizes