Tanki Fund
Ultra Weekend June 24th – 26th

Hello, tankers!


It’s finally the time for the long-awaited «Summer Major 2022» tournament!


Don’t take part in eSports? Well, that’s a pity, but don’t worry, we have a lot of interesting things for you too!

Our eSports players have come a long way during the last 6 months; they’ve played more than a hundred matches to earn rating points and get a place in the main tournament of the season.


Why the Major is cool


There’s plenty at stake! A real cash prize totalling 380,000 Russian rubles, unique prize paints, and modules with 20% to 30% protection against everything!

The winning team will receive 200,000 Russian rubles, hundreds of Containers, thousands of Tankoins, and millions of crystals!

This hasn’t happened in Tanki for a long time!


Why everyone should watch the Major


The top 24 teams will compete against each other in 3 stages: Challengers, Legends, and Champions. Each stage will bring something new not only for the teams but also for viewers!


Challengers stage — June 15th-28th


The 16 lowest rated teams out of the total 24 will take part in this stage. The best 8 have already received a place in the next stage.


Live streams, Promocodes and Ultra Containers!


There are 5 rounds of matches. Each round consists of 8 matches split over 2 play days, meaning 4 per day: 2 at 17 UTC and 2 at 18 UTC.

We will try to broadcast as many matches as possible. On each livestream, at some random point we will show you a promo code for 1 Ultra Container which can be activated by every viewer!

Don’t wait before activating the promo codes though, as they expire right after the livestream ends.


Legends stage — July 8th-21st


The Legends stage consists of the 8 highest rated teams who bypassed the Challengers stage, as well as the 8 best teams from the Challengers Stage. These 16 teams will compete for a spot in the Champions Stage using the same system as in the last stage.


Tanki Fund


In addition to the Promocodes, on each live stream, right before the Legends stage, we will announce the «eSports Tanki Fund».

It works in the same way as the regular Tanki Fund, with one exception: 10% of the fund will be divided between the 8 teams that have reached the Champions Stage.

In the Legends stage, you can choose your favorite team, purchase special offers in the Shop, and thus not only help your favorite team, but also get a chance to win Tankoins, as well as receive guaranteed prizes from Tanki Fund levels.


Champions stage — July 31th – August 7th


Now we get to the final stage – only the 8 best teams remain, competing for the grand prize. This means there are just 8 matches left to determine the winner of the tournament.

The quarter finals, semi finals and grand finals — just 3 steps for a potential winner to prove that they are the best team!


The hottest matches and the fate of the cash prize!


Anyone who has seen at least one Grand Finals livestream before knows that you definitely shouldn’t miss it!


Don’t miss the livestreams of our eSports matches. During the Challengers stage, they will take place on our YouTube channel, and later we will move to our brand new Twitch channels! Root for your favourite teams, watch interesting matches, and get yourself some cool rewards!

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