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What is the main advantage of the «Tanki Online» mobile version? Well, you can take the game anywhere! This thing inspired us to launch a new contest, «Tanki is going out».


Your task is to go for a walk, launch «Tanki» on your phone and take a photo of the phone with the background of a street, a beautiful building, sights, a summer cafe or nature.


Next, you have to post the photo you took on your Instagram page. In the description of the post you should write your in-game nickname, and the unique hashtag of the contest #tomobilegoesforawalkEN and mention our Tanki Online Instagram account @tankionlineen.


IMPORTANT: Consider that your Instagram profile should be public during the event, otherwise we won’t be able to see your entry.


Examples of the entries:




Assessment criteria:

  • Creativity;
  • Originality;
  • Interesting location. 



  • 1st Place – Skin Container, 50 000 crystals, 10 containers and 300 Tankoins;
  • 2nd Place – an augment of your choice available for either crystals or Tankoins, 40 000 crystals, 7 containers and 200 Tankoins;
  • 3rd Place – an augment for a turret of your choice, 30 000 crystals, 5 containers and 100 Tankoins.

Authors of decent works who do not manage to finish in the top three, will get a consolation prize of 10 000 crystals and 5 containers.  


Entries will be accepted until 13:00 UTC on the 19th of August. The results will be published on 21st of August. 

We wish you best of luck and an enjoyable walk with Tanki!