YouTubers VS Developers



The game is over and we are ready to announce our winners!


Top three places:


  • First place with 259 points: Doomby. Rewards: 500 of each supply*, 500 tankoins, 300 batteries, 50 containers, a week of Premium Pass, a «Dream Tank»*** and a Nokia 3.2 smartphone.
  • Second place with 248 points: andrey1606. Rewards: 400 of each supply*, 400 tankoins, 200 batteries, 40 containers, 5 days of Premium Pass, a drone of the player’s choice**.
  • Third place with 245 points: penicslavik. Rewards: 300 of each supply*, 300 tankoins, 100 batteries, 30 containers, 3 days of Premium Pass, a drone of the player’s choice**.


Runners up:


  • 4th – 10th: Mapc (222 pts), tankipaupau (218 pts), Fallen_Boster (209 pts), II_Hunter_II (208 pts), mucTep_Kpabs (207 pts), killer1012_2101 (198 pts), advokateee (195 pts). Rewards for each player: 200 of each supply*, 200 tankoins, 100 batteries, 20 containers, 2 days of Premium Pass.
  • 11th – 100th place (please see list of nicknames in the dedicated forum topic). Rewards for each player: 50 of each supply*, 50 tankoins and 5 containers.
  • Players who are not in the TOP-100 but have earned 30 or more points receive 20 of each supply*.
  • Players who have earned 25 points receive 10 of each supply*.
  • Additionally, ALL players who have earned 25 or more points will receive the special «GAME 2020» paint.




  • The «GAME 2020» paint will be handed out on February 7th. All other prizes will be handed out tonight (Wednesday, February 5th).
  • There are no prizes for those who didn’t enter all 5 keywords correctly.
  • With the exception of the «GAME 2020» paint, the rewards for each category DO NOT accumulate. So for example, those who have placed 4th-10th will receive the rewards mentioned in their tier above, but will not get rewards from lower tiers.


Thanks for participating, and congratulations to the winners!


* Repair kit, double damage, double armor, speed up boost, mine.
** Fully upgraded
*** «Dream Tank» — the player’s choice of a turret, hull and protection module, all fully-upgraded up to the player’s rank.

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