Tanki Fund
Ultra Weekend June 24th – 26th



The war has ended, and what an EPIC event it was. The situation on the map was changing every day, but in the end, the Snowman’s faction triumphed!


They ganged up on the other factions and became invincible!


And now, they’re planning on invading the game tomorrow, on January 3rd at 11 UTC.


We need to take some urgent action!


Help us to catch all the snowmen.


  1. Find snowmen in matchmaking battles. You’ll be able to recognize them because they’ll be wearing a special «Snowman» paint
  2. Take a screenshot of the snowman (screenshot MUST BE full size and with your nickname and the nickname of the snowman clearly visible)
  3. Send this screenshot to us via this form



For each UNIQUE snowman (you cannot submit the same snowman multiple times) we will give you 5000 crystals! Be aware that sometimes you may meet “Mutant Snowmen”. They look like normal snowmen but it will be much harder to destroy them. However, if you manage to destroy a “Mutant Snowman”, 10 golds will be dropped — but don’t think that it will be easy!


Duration of event: from January 3rd 11 UTC till January 8th 11 UTC


Results will be announced and prizes will be issued on January


Good luck SnowmanBusters!

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