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Ultra Weekend June 24th – 26th



To celebrate the scariest holiday of the year, we’re bringing back one of our most creative contests — HallowMINE!


The goal is simple — create a picture or a pattern using mines, but make it spooky.


To participate, you need to take 2 screenshots of your mine artwork from different angles. Next, upload it to any image hosting service and submit your images via the special form.

Your screenshots must clearly show your nickname (which will be used to send you the prizes) and your tank in the holiday paint. Feel free to pick any map and game mode you wish.


IMPORTANT! Your picture must include «2019» text made using mines.





You can complete the challenge in a team, but the rewards will only go to the nickname that is submitted with the artwork via the form.


Artwork will be judged based on:

  • How well they reflect the Halloween theme;
  • Originality of the artwork or pattern;
  • Neatness, precision and careful layout,
  • No Photoshop or image editing can be done.




  • 1st place — Any container skin, 7 days of Premium Pass, 100 000 crystals, 250 tankoins and 50 containers;
  • 2nd place — 80 000 crystals, 200 tankoins and 40 containers;
  • 3rd place — 60 000 crystals, 150 tankoins and 30 containers;
  • 4th place — 40 000 crystals, 100 tankoins and 20 containers;
  • 5th place — 20 000 crystals, 50 tankoins and 10 containers.


Honorable mentions that do not make it into the top 5, will receive a consolation prize of 10,000 crystals and 1 container each, if there are any.


Additionally, all winners will receive 1000 mines reward.




  • Deadline for submissions is 15:00 UTC on November 4th;
  • Winners will be announced and prizes will be sent out on November 6th.


Good luck!

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