YouTubers VS Developers



The July themed-Challenge —The WAR for Space— is over.


The winners of the WAR are… The Martians!


Unfortunately, none of the factions managed to hit the goal of 6 million Stars, but Martians managed to collect the most, securing a victory for their faction.


Rewards will be handed out in the next 24 hours.


Here’s a reminder of the prizes:


  • 500-999 * — 10 weekly containers
  • 1000-2199 * — 20 weekly containers
  • 2200+ * — 40 weekly containers and the unique paint «Crop Circles»



Additionally, today at 11 UTC, we’ll be having a brief livestream where Kasim will draw the winner of the Nokia 5.1 Plus smartphone from among those who made 2200+ stars.


Watch the livestream and find out who the lucky winner will be!

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