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Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd

The Mine Art mini-contest (which is part of our Marathon X event for Tanki’s 10th Birthday) is over and it’s time to announce our winners.

Here they are:

the_real_one – “Entry” – Reward: 150 000 Crystals | 30 Containers | 6 Marathon Points
Shibe – “Entry” – Reward: 100 000 Crystals | 20 Containers | 5 Marathon Points
Kaato – “Entry” – Reward: 80 000 Crystals | 10 Containers | 4 Marathon Points
BlutroteKobra – “Entry” – Reward: 60 000 Crystals | 7 Containers | 3 Marathon Points
deadpoolt22 – “Entry” – Reward: 30 000 Crystals | 5 Containers | 3 Marathon Points

Additionally, these players have been awarded participation prizes:
exitus746, meetfighter1, thunderhunter123, ranki00, kevinq, tanks48, NO97_STYLES, Spirit, Intellect, josefkeri, WeaIlthy, T.e.n.z.i.n, abdullahshooter, MrThunder, Republic, Giorgi, Tigrisc, Augustus_PL, iHackUrGold3, Drug, LAROUSSE2003, Troop10_RTL, GhulamRasool2nd, RedRose, kloodyzz, Sold, HunterGB, metrix1, navaneeth_the_best, June1st2019, LaszloHunor, sparrowhawk4550, DuckPR, Diary, adab_online, Bydo, Apost, See.You.Next.Time, PAKISTANI-THE-LEGEND, Volturo, Synesthesia_Gamer, Dayfly, mummo66, Melony, cromostone100, nikil20002

Well done everyone! Don’t forget about all the other exciting events we’ve prepared for you for Tanki Online’s 10th Birthday Celebrations.

There’s lots of fun to be had, and massive prizes to be won!


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