YouTubers VS Developers
Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd





Starts: 02:00 UTC on June 1

Ends: 02:00 UTC on June 29

Prizes: iPad mini, iPhone XR and iPad Pro

Important Terms and Conditions





New month, new Challenge. Collect Stars, earn cool rewards and have a great time. Sound familiar?


But what if all the Challenges we’ve had up until now, were just a training session? What if they were leading up to the REAL Challenge?


Well, brace yourselves, because the REAL Challenge is here!


In honor of Tanki’s 10th Birthday, we’re launching a special contest with amazing prizes!


Here’s what you need to do.


Earn as many Stars as possible in the June Challenge and —in addition to getting the regular Challenge rewards— you’ll be entered into a special draw where you’ll have the chance to win mountains of crystals, containers, and one of three AWESOME gadgets: an iPad mini, an iPhone XR, or an iPad Pro!


Important: Stars MUST be earned in Matchmaking Battles.


Depending on how many Stars you’ve accumulated in the June Challenge, you’ll be placed into one of three Groups.


  • 3rd Group: 200-999 stars
    • Prize 1: 100 thousand crystals
    • Prize 2: 20 containers
    • Prize 3: iPad mini
  • 2nd Group: 1000-1999 stars
    • Prize 1: 300 thousand crystals
    • Prize 2: 50 containers
    • Prize 3: iPhone XR
  • 1st Group: 2000+ stars
    • Prize 1: 500 thousand crystals
    • Prize 2: 100 containers
    • Prize 3: iPad Pro


At the end of the event, a randomizer will draw the winners from their respective Group.


You can monitor your progress and that of other players on the dedicated website.


IMPORTANT: Players in higher Groups will also be eligible to win prizes from the lower Groups. So for example, a participant with less than 1,000 stars will only be eligible to win prizes in Group 3, whereas players who have earned more than 2,000 stars will be eligible to win ANY of the 9 prizes from all three groups.


The winners of the prizes from this event will be drawn by a randomizer during a livestream on July 1.


Good luck tankers! May good fortune smile on you!

P.S. We’ve prepared LOADS of cool events and giveaways for you as part of Tanki’s 10th Birthday Celebrations. Check them out here.

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