Tanki Fund
Ultra Weekend June 24th – 26th


Event: February Challenge

Duration: 4 weeks

Starts: 02:00 UTC on February 1st

Ends: 02:00 UTC on March 1st

Top Prizes: Hornet XT Skin (Silver Tier) and Railgun Legacy Skin (Gold Tier — Requires a Battle Pass)





We’re almost halfway through February’s Challenge, which ends with the server restart on March 1st.


Along your quest, you will earn great rewards, including thousands of crystals, loads of supplies, batteries, paints (both animated and regular), gold boxes, containers, shot effects and other goodies.


And if you persevere till the very end, you will earn yourself a Hornet XT Skin (Silver Tier).

Want more? Get yourself a Battle Pass and you will unlock the Gold Tier, which features the brand new Railgun Legacy Skin as final prize.


If you’re a fan of the XP format, the March Challenge will feature a brand new Hornet Legacy skin to pair with your Legacy Railgun skin. That’s a combo worth fighting for.


So, keep fighting those battles, earning stars and collecting fantastic rewards with the February Challenge!


P.S. Now you can also buy a Battle Pass and Premium Account together as a bundle from the Shop. It’s faster and more convenient than ever. A Premium Account helps you finish your Challenge in half the time by giving you double Stars for every battle you finish.


Visit the Shop today.

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