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Tanki Fund



We hope you’re having a terrifying Halloween in Tanki Online. But there’s even more to come!


With the server restart at 02:00 UTC on November 2, we’ll be kicking off three days of sales. Here are the details:


02:00 UTC November 2 — 02:00 UTC November 3:

  • 30% discount on Shop items — crystals, Gold Boxes, Premium, kits and paints.


02:00 UTC November 3 — 02:00 UTC November 4:

  • 30% discount on Garage items — turrets, hulls, modules and supplies.


02:00 UTC November 4 — 02:00 UTC November 5:

  • 30% discount on upgrades — 30% on steps and 50% on speedups.


And of course, don’t forget about all the other exciting activities we’ve prepared for you, including the 1-day special Holiday Map with 20X Gold drops, the holiday decorations, double battle funds, and Star Hunt where you can win containers loaded with treats.


For the full details of the event, check out the main announcement on the homepage.


Have fun tankers!

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