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The launch of the mobile version of Tanki Online is coming soon!


The beta test of TO Mobile is now finished, there are a few final touches, and the game will be released on phones and tablets.


Starting today, new invites for the test will not be sent.


A huge thank you to all players who helped us throughout the testing — finding bugs and sharing invaluable feedback with us.


All beta-testers who have logged into TO Mobile before 21:00 UTC on October 1st and made at least 1 kill in the game have received 10 containers! Containers were added to the accounts on which the tankers played the mobile version. Also, as an additional thank you for the help during the beta, all testers will keep the access to TO Mobile.


NOTE: the email with the test invite might have been placed in the Spam folder, don’t forget to check the folder.


Please be aware that you can activate the invite only once and only on a single account. If your invite was placed in the Spam folder, make sure to move it into your Inbox, otherwise the links inside the email might not work.


All beta-test participants and players who didn’t get invited can expect a lot of interesting events coming soon, stay tuned!


Follow the news in the game and on our social media channels to catch the latest announcements.


Thank you for the help and until the next time on the battlefield!

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