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We all love summer, and each summer day is in itself a perfect reason to have tons of fun and enjoy the warm weather outside. That’s why we’ve decided to bring the sunny mood from the streets and beaches into Tanki Online!


So what awaits you in the game from 02:00 UTC August 21st till 02:00 UTC August 27th?


Thematic decorations and gifts, Double Battle Funds, Gold Boxes that will drop 5 times more often, discounts in the Garage and in the Shop, Special Offers, new animated paint and stars that fall from the sky!


Let’s go down each point.


Thematic decorations


During 6 days of the celebration you can fully enjoy the atmosphere of an elusive summer vacation with the following decorations in the game:


  • holiday paint with special texture (available only during the celebration, cannot be bought);
  • thematic billboards on all maps;
  • special parachutes for supplies;
  • thematic flags in CTF;
  • thematic Gold Boxes and their drop zones;
  • thematic gifts.


Star Week


What the most famous natural phenomena of August? Stars traveling across the night sky, correct! From 02:00 August 21st till 02:00 UTC August 27th the stars will also fall in Tanki!


For the duration of the holiday we will return stars into the game — the special resource that many remember from the last War event.


Play in Matchmaking battles, earn stars and get cool rewards, among which are containers and the new animated paint “Fall leaves”!




Find more details on the event here.


Double Battle Funds


For the duration of 6 days, from 02:00 UTC August 21st till 02:00 UTC August 27th, funds in all Matchmaking (non-PRO) battles will be increased by 2 times! This means that you’ll earn twice the crystals for every battle finished!


Use this opportunity to warm up before the coming Fall.


Gold Boxes will drop 5x more often!


From 02:00 UTC August 21st till 02:00 UTC August 27th in all Matchmaking, non-PRO battles Gold Boxes will drop 5 times more often! Who’s gonna be the quickest?


IMPORTANT: In PRO-battles Gold Boxes will remain as usual and drop at the usual rate.


Titan ХТ


It’s about time for one more completely new XT-skin, and this time it’s for a hull.


Welcome Titan XT! After server restart on August 21st this skin will be available for purchase in the Shop, and it will also be added to containers.




Smoky XT skin will be removed from the Shop and you’ll be able to find it only in containers.




While on a vacation or on summer break many find plenty of time for shopping. Don’t miss your chance to do the same in Tanki and save with big Summer Sale!


02:00 UTC August 24th — 02:00 UTC August 25th:

  • –30% discounts in the Shop. Discounts apply to crystals, Premium, kits and paints.


02:00 UTC August 25th — 02:00 UTC August 26th:

  • –30% discounts in the Garage. Discounts apply to turrets, hulls, modules, paints, alterations and supplies.


02:00 UTC August 26th — 02:00 UTC August 27th:

  • MicroUpgrades. MU steps — 30%, SpeedUps — 50%.


IMPORTANT: discounts do not apply to drones, batteries, gifts, PRO Battle Pass, containers, Gold Boxes, clan license, Rename Pass, Special Offers in the Shop and the smallest packs of crystals and Premium.


Special Offers


From 02:00 UTC August 21st till 02:00 UTC August 27th 2 new Special Offers will be added to the Shop, one of which will contain animated paint “Mount Fuji”.


Special Offer #1

  • new animated paint “Mount Fuji”
  • 15 containers
  • 25,000 crystals



Special Offer #2

  • 5 containers
  • 300 of each supply (except Gold Boxes and batteries)
  • 100,000 crystals


Launch the game, don’t miss the star hunt and have an awesome time with friends in Tanki!

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