Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd



In the previous War announcements we’ve shared with you the main event mechanics of War 2. During the last community stream we’ve also shown the War site and answered questions about how to make turns in the event, and today we will share a more detailed look at how the War works and answer your most popular questions.


What you need for the War


  • Have the rank of Master Corporal or higher.
  • Buy the “Distributor” paint in the Garage for 1,000 crystals.
  • Go to the War site and press on the green button “ENTER”. You will be redirected to the authorization window for Tanki Online, where you need to log in — you need to enter the login and password of your TO account, which you want to use for the War. After doing so, you will be redirected back to the War site.


We remind you, the “Distributor” paint is NOT for sale in the Garage yet, and it will be added to the game before the event starts. At the same time on all official Tanki channels we will publish the link to the War site. Also, a dedicated button will be added to the Matchmaking Lobby that will redirect you to the War site.


War Site structure


On the website you will find 2 tabs:


  • “Information”



  • and “Map”



On the first page you can find a short description of the event and its rules, and the map on the second page allows you to choose territories for attack and defence.


In the right column area of the page you will see your personal statistics, statistics for your faction and current battle missions.


How to participate


After authorization on the site each turn you will need to choose 1 territory to attack and 1 territory to defend.


  • Territories on the map will have a special visual effect to indicate they can be chosen. To make your choice, simply press on the highlighted territory. To cancel your choice, press on the same territory again.



  • In the first turn only 1 territory will be available for defence — your faction capital. Press on it to defend the region.



  • Confirm your choice by pressing on the “Confirm” button in the bottom right corner of the screen. BE AWARE: you can not change your choice after confirming the turn.
  • After confirming the turn go into Matchmaking battles to earn stars — new in-game resource. You will begin each turn with 0 stars. As soon as you collect 5 stars (this is the minimal amount to participate in a turn), all stars that you collect after confirming the turn will be added to faction progress in battles for territories you have chosen.



Each day you need to follow a simple and single list of actions. You don’t have to participate in every turn, but the more turns you complete the more prizes you will earn!


What you need to Win


The goal of each faction is to capture and hold as many territories as possible.
Each turn captured territories will earn your faction Victory Points (these are NOT stars).
Territories around the edges of the map will earn less points, and territories in the middle — more points. The thicker and brighter is the border of the territory, the more Victory Points will it earn your faction for controlling it. Look for the full map legend in the left bottom corner.


Faction that earns 300 Victory Points first will win in the War.


Map Bonuses



  • On the map you will find yellow chest icons, they mark special territories — Vaults.
  • If a faction captures a vault, then all participants of this faction that confirmed their turn to attack this territory will get 15 containers.
  • IMPORTANT: the bonus is one time only. The rewards will be given only to those, who will capture the territory first.


That’s it for today! In the next issue of the War Herald we will tell you about the prizes, and, as always, answer the remaining questions. Check your Garages and get your gear ready, there’s only 1 week left before the War begins!


The event is designed only as an entertaining fictional activity and has no connection to real names, people, organizations and events in the world. Any similarities are coincidental. The event does not, in any way, provoke or encourage real life violence, extremism or violation of the international law. The company is not responsible for any actions that harm the user or break the international law and/or Game Rules. For breaking the rules of the game or the event, participants can be disqualified from the event and its rewards.




Will participants from the same clan be able to choose the same faction?
No, but you can create a Battle Group and play together in MM battles to complete your turns and battle missions.


Can you earn stars in Mobile version of Tanki Online?
Yes, you can, but TO Mobile doesn’t have the War interface implemented, so you will have to track how many stars you have on the War site.


Can I first play the battles, earn stars, and then confirm my turn on the War map?
NO! It is VERY important that you follow the order of actions: first choose territories to attack and defend on the War site, press on “Confirm”, and then earn stars in battles!


What will happen if I miss several days of the War?
Nothing horrible. The only thing you will miss are the awesome prizes for the days you didn’t participate in the event, but you will always be able to participate in the next turn.


And if I miss the start of the War, will the “Distributor” paint be removed from the Garage?
No, you can buy the “Distributor” paint and join the event until the very last day of the War.


When will I get rewards for completing turns?
At the end of each turn.


How much time does a single turn take?
23 hours and 55 minutes: from 07:00 UTC until 06:55 UTC of the next day. During the 5 minute pause we will recount the map status, faction progress and send out the prizes.


What will happen, if multiple factions reach 300 Victory Points at the same time?
In this case the faction that earns the most stars during the last turn will win the War.


Can I earn stars by playing in Juggernaut mode?
Yes, you can.


Will the Premium subscription multiply the number of stars earned same way as it’s done for crystals at the end of the battle?
No, it won’t. Specifically for stars a new pass will be added to the game called “Easy Stars”, which will increase the number of stars earned.


What will happen, if a faction loses all of its territories?
It will be removed from the War, since none of that faction’s players will be able to choose what to attack or defend on the War map.


Can several factions at once fight for the same territory?
Of course. The territory will be captured by the faction whose players that chose this territory to attack or defend have earned more stars than their opponents.


What will happen if multiple factions fighting for the territory will earn the equal number of stars at the end of the turn?
The territory will remain in control of the faction that was defending the region (if that area was previously captured and the faction that owns it participated in the defence), or will become neutral, if that territory was neutral or the faction that captured it previously did not participate in the conflict for it.


What will happen, if the faction attacks a neutral territory?
The territory will be captured by that faction. This is a normal occasion for the beginning of the War, when each factions starts to expand its territories around the capital.


What will happen if a faction capital is captured?
Nothing special. Faction capitals are the same territories like any other. Their goal is to be a starting point for the faction in the War, nothing more.


For capturing territories factions earn Victory Points. If a faction loses territories, will the Victory Point be retracted?


How many turns do I need to complete to get the additional prize at the end of the War if my faction wins?
At least 6 turns.


Can I earn more than 10 containers each event day?
10 containers is the maximum reward that can be given per turn by earning stars, but don’t forget about the bonus territories on the War map.


Will I still earn stars, if I leave a battle before it ends?
No. Stars are given only at the end of the battle depending on the place you have reached in the overall results.


Stars and Victory Points — what’s the difference?
You need stars to fight for territories on the map.
VPs are needed to win in the War.


What will happen to faction paints at the end of the War?
The winners will get their faction paint replaced with the animated version.
The necessary requirement to get the animate paint is 6 completed turns.
All other faction paints will be removed from participants.

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