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Ultra Weekend June 24th – 26th



Exactly 2 weeks have passed since the launch of TO Mobile testing. Players who received the invites know, that for participating in the test we’ve promised rewards, and today is the perfect time to check with the ongoing test results.


For each bug that you have found (and found as the first tester) we’ve added 1 container to your account.


Also, 10 containers were added to everyone who have played TO Mobile version for more than 10 hours and shared their feedback about playing on the phone via a special form.


If you haven’t received the invitation yet, don’t let it get you down, TO Mobile test continues! We’ve already sent a new wave of invites, so don’t forget to check your email that you have submitted through the application form — maybe you are already among the testers!


If you got the invite, here’s what you need to do:


  • Follow the link from the email;
  • Press on “Participate in the test”;
  • Press on “Download the app”;
  • Download and install the app;
  • Enter the invite-code from the email;
  • Log into an existing TO account or register a new one;
  • Play!


IMPORTANT: the invite might have been placed into the “Spam” folder, please do not forget to check it! Be aware that the code can be activated only once and only on a single account.


If you’d like to participate in the test, but didn’t apply for Tanki Online Mobile yet, please read the instruction on how to do it here.


Download the app, play for at least 10 hours and share your feedback with us through the special forms to get the rewards!

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