New eSports 2022. First qualifying tournament



It’s been a long time since anything crazy happened. A weekend, for example. So tomorrow, plan your time accordingly to beat a new Crazy Weekend and win cool prizes!




This weekend you’ll be able to use discounts in the Shop and in the Garage.


Saturday — from 02:00 UTC March 24th till 02:00 UTC March 25th

  • 25% off on items in the Shop. Discounts apply to crystals, kits, Gold Boxes, days of Premium and paints.

Sunday — from 02:00 UTC March 25th till 02:00 UTC March 26th

  • 25% off on items in the Garage. Discounts apply to turrets, hulls, modules, paints and supplies.
  • MicroUpgrades. Each MU step — 50% off, each SpeedUp — 70% off.


NOTE: discounts do not apply to purchases of XT-equipement, gifts, PRO-pass, kits in the Garage, containers, clan license, Rename pass, special offers in the Shop and the minimal packs of crystals, days of Premium and Gold Boxes.


Special Offer


All weekend in the Shop a special offer will be available for purchase, and it includes:


  • 5 containers
  • 300 of each supply (excluding Gold Boxes)
  • 100,000 crystals
  • Double Battle Funds


All weekend long — from 02:00 UTC March 24th till 02:00 UTC March 26th — playing in regular, non-PRO battles you will earn double battle funds!


This means you will get double the crystals for every battle you finish. Don’t miss the chance to add to your Crazy Weekend prizes a huge crystals bonus from battles!


Crazy Weekend


Destroy enemy tanks and win containers, days of Premium and the Hallucination paint, and enter a giveaway for 2 Dream Tanks! A Dream Tank is a tank with any fully upgraded turret, hull and protection module available at your rank, including XT-gear.


Details and Prizes


The event is active from 21:00 UTC March 23rd till 21:00 UTC March 25th.


Your goal is to destroy enough enemy tanks in standard, non-PRO battle within 48 hours. The higher is your kill counter at the end of the event, the more prizes you will get:


  • For destroying 400-799 enemy tanks — 3 containers
  • For destroying 800-1999 enemy tanks — 5 containers + 3 days of Premium
  • For destroying 2000+ enemy tanks — 10 containers + 5 days of Premium + the Hallucination paint

To track your current number of kills please check the event site.


At the start of the event Top 10 players will be empty, until the first 10+ players destroy 400 tanks or more.


Players who make the kill tiers during the event period are guaranteed to receive the prizes.


And among everyone who makes 800 kills or more we will give away 2 Dream Tanks, check out the full rules of the event below!


NOTE: It is crucial that you read the rules of the event below, as they contain information about the giveaway and when the prizes are delivered.


Dream Tanks Giveaway


Among all participants who make 800 kills or more we will randomly choose 2 players, and each winner will get a Dream Tank — any turret, hull, protection module fully upgraded and available at your rank in the Garage, including XT-gear.


The list of players who makes the kill tiers and their kill count will be published on Tuesday, March 27th.


Have a great weekend, tankers!



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