Tesla in the Garage and new augments



The Finals for Masters of Parkour 2017 were held on the weekend and the winners are now decided! Welcome the best parkour teams of the year:


1. German Tanki Tutorials (Adiela, Skull, QTr, Spy) – 274 points
2. Russian Power (VVhy, 0ff, kvjdkrgsdk, Ms.Drakon) – 210 points
3. Apollo (stanzhang, govenier, emrakul, Sensei) – 199 points
4. The Dutch Flyers (Flyer, I.Legend.I, My_Skills_To_Win, Mr.SkiIIZz) – 179 points
5. German is my city 63 (Feelings, jox99, SKILL.NooB, O_White_O) – 147 points
6. Fighters (I.Fight, Olymp, Traffic, MOR4RL3 ) – 141 points
7. 63FlyingParkourists (Intellect, Hate, Spirit, Jan) – 126 points
8. Cowgirls (williew, sterre933, SwiftSmoky, SkIlL-PaVlIToS)


Congratulations to all winners!


Watch the full stream and the best tricks here:



Let’s remind what are the prizes (for each teammate):

  • All the finalists will receive the unique paint “Master of Parkour 2017”, which will remain in their garages forever.
  • 1st place: 50 000 crystals, 50 units of each supply, 20 gold boxes, any* fully upgraded protection module + gaming keyboard.
  • 2nd place: 30 000 crystals, 30 units of each supply, 15 gold boxes, any* fully upgraded protection module.
  • 3rd place: 20 000 crystals, 20 units of each supply, 10 gold boxes, any* fully upgraded protection module.
  • The remaining finalists will receive 10 000 crystals and 5 gold boxes each.
  • The prizes will be delivered during the day on November 7th.


We’re also awarding consolation prizes to the following teams:


Warm, Deception, W.I.H.U, Fractal (video)
GooD_6aMer, I.unstopable, ll_BOSS_ll, Else (video)
Member, Mike, Jumper, Virtuoos (video)
Ghost_Animators, Wealthy, something22, Zod (video)
xYONi, xAiKO, onno_20, FIREFOX_IT (video)
TemurGvaradze, OnlyGodCanJudgeM_e, Cry, xCry (video)
TheMakMan, Fab, Dariss, So (video)
iMoneyMaker, Do.Or.DiE, eSport, UnLimited_PoinTs (video)


Consolation prizes will include “Master of Parkour 2017” paint, 5000 crystals and 5 Gold Boxes for all members.


Thank you for watching the stream and see you in the next contest!

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