Ultra Weekend January 21st – 23rd



Tomorrow’s server restart at 02:00 UTC, brings with it several bug fixes and an interesting change in the way servers are organized. Additionally, we’ll be having sales on Shop paints for three full days, and releasing nine brand new paints to choose from for your tank!


Servers Merging


With this patch update, we will be merging the Russian, English, German and Polish servers. The system will no longer force you to play exclusively with players from your same localization. Instead, you will be able to play with tankers from all language versions, which means that there will be even more battles on every server for you to play in.


This is the first important step towards the Matchmaking system.


New Paints


The update also brings with it nine new paints to add to your tank’s colorful wardrobe.


If you’re curious about what these new paints are going to look like, we can tell you their names and leave the rest up to your imagination:


Glitch, Scandinavia, Barber Shop, Vanadium, Strawberry, Rust, Lunar Soil, Pajamas, and Steak.


Sales on Shop paints


Additionally, if there are any of the current Shop paints that you’ve been wanting to add to your collection, we’re slashing their prices for three full days. Here’s how that’s going to work:




  • Discount: 50% off Shop paints
  • Duration: 24hrs
  • Starts: 02:00 UTC on Thursday 18th May
  • Ends: 02:00 UTC on Friday 19th May


  • Discount: 40% off Shop paints
  • Duration: 24hrs
  • Starts: 02:00 UTC on Friday 19th May
  • Ends: 02:00 UTC on Saturday 20th May


  • Discount: 30% off Shop paints
  • Duration: 24hrs
  • Starts: 02:00 UTC on Saturday 20th May
  • Ends: 02:00 UTC on Sunday 21st May


ATTENTION: The discounts are only valid on Shop paints, and do NOT include the nine new paints that will be introduced tomorrow.


So, log in tomorrow to check out all that the new update has brought to the game, and make sure you visit the Shop during the 3 days of discounts!


For more details about tomorrow’s release, please check the Patch Notes.

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