YouTubers VS Developers
Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd



With last week’s Women’s Day celebrations, we also had a postcard contest where you had to create a postcard to wish your fellow female tankers a great Women’s Day.


The results are in and the judges have given their verdict. The overall winner is the player with the nickname 289656.


Women's Day winner - 289656



As promised, the winner has already received 50 thousand crystals and 10 gold boxes.


Additionally, our runners up have each received 20 thousand crystals and 3 gold boxes each. Here’s the list of runners up and their works (in no particular order).


Themango9992, Snootera, hungry3, Spy, ChooChoo_Ima_Train, SiegeBreaker42, harshith, TheRock10, ReesAlvin, Mytic, Mr.Tv88, TBNRcommander, Sagittarii, LaserShark, yashvardhan1, Bossul601, Zangetsu_Shirosaki, AgentM_Superman, nicholas666, Ololosh2, Diegoxmaster, Maybe, N_A_G_1_B_A_T_0_R_56, gu9Ic, 135qawsed, BLIK-TIMATI, Mest_G_o_l_d_o_l_o_v, ya_Ha_youtube, maratn_79, DragonRPG, COJlHblLLlKO_CBETUT, Mysterious_Propano2, WILD_TANYA, mega_goldolov_best, nokr, Dog_channel.TO, rpuropu, 333.bckfv, kill356, Faber-Castell, Vlad_Eneseenko, bckfv.333, W1ckedOne, Affectionate


Well done to everyone and thank you for participating. See you in the next contest!

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