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Tomorrow’s server restart will bring some important changes to the battle creation system. These changes are intended to make the current system easier to understand and adopt both for new, inexperienced users, as well as for existing users. We want players to be able to jump right into a battle without having to worry about which map or mode to choose, or how to set the rank bracket or number of players.

For this reason, the “Create Battle” button will now become a Premium/PRO Pass feature. Non-Premium and non-PRO Pass users will be able to join battles by clicking the “Battle” button, which will take them to a battle that best fits their rank.

IMPORTANT: To make PRO Battle Passes more accessible to those of you who have low level accounts and are already familiar with the game’s features, we’re making the PRO Battle Pass significantly cheaper. Passes will start at a price of 500 crystals for Recruits, and will increase in price by 150 crystals with every rank until reaching the original price of 5000 crystals for the Legend rank. Additional Legend rank ups will NOT increase the price of the Pass. The maximum price will remain 5000 crystals.

How the system works and why we’re changing it

Since the introduction of the “Battle” button, our statistics have clearly shown that the vast majority of our players prefer to use this mechanism to join battles. This button will send the user to a non-PRO battle that fits his or her rank.

However, players often use the “Create Battle” button to create special non-PRO battles, such as 1 vs 1 duels and unofficial format battles (such as Save the Gold and Tanki Sumo). Since these are non-PRO battles, players who press the “Battle” button will often end up in these very specific battles, ruining the fun for the organizers. But after the update, all battles created with the “Create Battle” button will be PRO battles, which means the “Battle” button will never send a player to one of those battles.

All non-PRO battles will be standard battles with a 15 minute time limit.

What happens if you press the “Battle” button and there isn’t an existing battle suitable for your rank?

If that happens, the system will automatically create a standard battle for you, and start sending other players your way.

Will you still be able to join battles from the battle list, or invite your friends to the battle where you’re playing?

Yes. After the update is rolled out, you will still be able to join any battle in the list. These will all be standard 15 minute battles that were created by the Quick Battles mechanism (the “Battle” button), and if you’re in a battle, you can always invite your friends to join it, assuming there are open slots.

We understand that this is a big change for the game, and that it alters an aspect that has been in the game since the very beginning. However, this is a step in the direction of simplifying the game for new users, as well as working towards the goal of eliminating mults and saboteurs by randomizing access to regular battles.

Of course, following the update, we will be monitoring the situation very closely and making adjustments as required.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: To make the transition smoother, for every day that you log into the game over the next seven days, you will receive an additional day of PRO Battle Pass

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