Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd

Dear Friends!


Throughout the years that we’ve celebrated Tanki Online’s birthday, THE GAME has become a main tradition for this event. This year will not be an exception. Once again, the most clever and quickest player will get his hands on the main prize – “The Dream Tank”


The event will take place between the 6th and the 10th of June.


For those of you who are unfamiliar with our traditional quest “THE GAME”, here are the rules.


THE GAME is a series of riddles, puzzles and additional tasks that will require attention to detail. Every day at 11:00 UTC, we will release a video in which the participants will be required to find clues and then guess the keyword of the day by solving all the tasks.


the game quest inside announcement


To participate in the quest, you will need to register on “THE GAME” website. Players with a minimum rank of Sergeant sergeant rank badge 22px-IconsNormal_06 or above, and a valid email address linked to their account, can participate in “THE GAME” quest.


Attention! Registration on “THE GAME” website does not require your account password. Instead, the website will send a unique code to your email address. This will allow you to register and login on the website (make sure to check the SPAM folder).


As you progress through the quest, you will earn special points that will affect the size of your prize. Every participant will have only one change per day to enter the keyword.


The first participant to enter the keyword correctly, will receive 100 points, the second will receive 99, the third will receive 98 and so on. The 90th competitor and the ones after him, will all get 10 points each. If you entered the wrong keyword the first time, you will have a second opportunity to enter it on the fifth (last) day of the “GAME”. However, you will get only 5 points for that.


The personal score of each competitor will be announced immediately after entering all 5 keywords.




  • The player with the maximum number of points, will receive 1000 units of each supply, a branded t-shirt and mug, and a
  • Dream Tank consisting of a fully upgraded turret, hull and paint, depending on the player’s rank. This also includes XT equipment.
  • The top 100 participants (with the exception of the winner), will receive 500 units of each supply.
  • Participants who score more than 25 points will receive 50 units of each supply.
  • Participants who score exactly 25 points will receive 10 of each supply.
  • Participants who do not guess all five keywords will not receive any prizes.




  • 6th of June, 11:00 UTC – “THE GAME” starts and registrations open.
  • 9th of June, 20:59 UTC – The registrations close.
  • 10th of June, 11:00 UTC – The fifth (last) day of “THE GAME”
  • 10th of June, 20:59 UTC – Keyword submissions close.
  • 13th of June, during the day – Winners are announced.


Any questions or discussions about “THE GAME” can be conducted on the following forum topic.


Good luck, tankers!

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