Ultra Weekend January 14th – 16th


Our beloved Tanki Online is celebrating its 7th birthday. Of course, birthdays are meant to be celebrated among best friends, and for TO, that means all of you!

So, especially for this occasion, we’ve prepared a cool calendar of events packed with festive decorations, special in-game gifts, and of course, neat goodies and discounts.

Here’s what you can expect throughout the celebrations!


  • 50 % off gifts — From 02:00 UTC on June 4 till 02:00 UTC on June 5
  • 50 % off paints — From 02:00 UTC on June 5 till 02:00 UTC on June 6
  • 50 % off hulls — From 02:00 UTC on June 6 till 02:00 UTC on June 7
  • 50 % off turrets — From 02:00 UTC on June 7 till 02:00 UTC on June 8
  • 50 % off micro-upgrades and speed-ups — From 02:00 UTC on June 8 till 02:00 UTC on June 9

Special holiday-themed goodies and new garage look

Additionally, throughout the celebrations till June 12 at 02:00 UTC, we’ll be having a special holiday paint, themed billboards, and a cool new look for your garage.

Gold Boxes and Supplies will drop twice as often

For those of you who love a good Gold hunt, you’ll be happy to hear that Gold Boxes will be dropping twice as often. What’s more, if someone snatches that gold from under your nose, don’t worry! You and the other tankers battling for the gold, will still get a consolation prize of 100 crystals. And to spice things up, supply boxes will also be dropping twice as often. Let the frenzy begin!

New in-game gifts

Of course, it wouldn’t be a celebration without exchanging gifts. So this year you’ll be able to buy 3 cool new gifts for your friends, as a special reminder of your favorite game’s 7th birthday.


The Game

Looking for even more thrills? We’ve got you covered!

Our traditional brainy quest “THE GAME” is here to challenge your wits, and your speed. Excited yet? Have a look at the prizes!

  • The player with the maximum number of points will receive 1000 units of each supply, a branded Tanki t-shirt and mug, and a Dream Tank consisting of a fully upgraded turret, hull and paint to match the player’s rank. And yes, that includes XT equipment.
  • The top 100 players (with the exception of the winner), will receive 500 units of each supply.
  • Participants who score more than 25 points will receive 50 units of each supply.
  • Those with exactly 25 points will receive 10 of each supply.

So, get your party poppers and hats ready, because the celebrations will be kicking off tomorrow at 02:00 UTC!

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