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As of today, the updated system for micro-upgrades has gone live in Tanki Online. Now, improving the parameters of your turrets, hulls and paints is simpler, while speeding up the upgrades is more affordable.

Upgrading all parameters together
With this update, upgrading individual characteristics separately has been replaced with improving all of the item’s parameters together. For example, when upgrading a hull, you’ll be improving its protection, maximum speed, maneuverability, weight and power; all at the same time. The same goes for turrets and paints — when clicking the “Upgrade” button, you’ll be simultaneously boosting all of the weapon’s parameters, or all of the paint’s protections.

Fixed number of upgrades steps
Now, all turrets and hulls have a fixed number of upgrade steps — 50. Every subsequent step will increase in price (just like before), but the increase in the parameter is now uniform for all steps. This means final upgrades now make much more sense, as they still give you a significant increase to the parameter.

Speed ups at fixed prices
While the price for fully upgrading an item’s parameters without using speed ups has remained the same, doing it with speed ups will actually cost you less than before. The price for a speed up is now fixed at 50% of the cost of the respective upgrade.

Just like before, fully upgrading the parameters of your turret or hull, will allow you to get its next modification for free (upon reaching the required rank of course).

Converting old upgrades
We’ve converted all of the old upgrades on your equipment to reflect the new micro-upgrades system. Now, the parameters on each of your items have been boosted to match the level of the most upgraded parameter. This has been applied to all turrets, hulls and paints that have been micro-upgraded in any way.

For example, if you had upgraded the damage on your Freeze M2 to 14 steps out of 24 (up to 59,2 health points per second), and this was the most upgraded parameter for this item, the game will choose the step in the new system where the damage is closest to 59,2 and boost all of the turret’s parameters to that level.

If the gun’s damage (or any other parameter) was fully upgraded, the update will have converted all other parameters to maximum, giving you a fully upgraded turret. That also means that once you’ve reached the rank needed to use Freeze M3, you’ll be able to get it for free!

Detailed descriptions of each item’s upgrades will soon be added to our wiki.

That’s all tankers! Check out the new micro-upgrades in action and share your impressions in the forum. Good luck!

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