YouTubers VS Developers
Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd


If you agree that:

  • there’s more to TO than firing at your opponents
  • skyscrapers are there to be climbed not stared at
  • tanks belong in the sky not on the ground

…raise your hands and give us a loud cheer because the Masters of Parkour contest is back with the 2015 edition.

As always, the most insane and daring tankers will win a mountain of crystals and a unique paint with protections!

Your task is to form a team of 4 tankers and make a parkour video not longer than 60 seconds, where you perform a trick or several ones. Then, upload your video to YouTube and submit it to us via a special form.

A jury of developers will judge the videos on the quality of the tricks, video, sound and editing. Make sure your video follows all of the rules and meets all of the requirements.

And remember, there can be more than one winning team.

Video requirements:

  • All team members must have a minimum rank of Warrant Officer 1 to take part in the contest. The Parkour Master paint is only available for the rank of Warrant Officer 1 or higher.
  • Your video should not be longer than 60 seconds.
  • The parkour team should consist of not more than 4 tankers. The team can decide whether the video is to be shot by a team member or an independent cameraperson. The independent cameraperson will not be considered part of the team and will therefore not receive a prize.
  • The video should be uploaded to YouTube and the link submitted to us via a special form.
  • The video must be shot exclusively for this contest. Videos made earlier will not be accepted. To prove that your video is exclusive, all members of your team must be equipped with the “Parkour Master” paint. Once the contest is over, the paint will be removed from all garages, except for those of the winners. Winners are to keep the paint till the next Masters of Parkour contest.



  • Video links are to be submitted via a special form. Submissions in other locations will not be accepted (forum threads, PM, Facebook page etc).
  • A player can only be a member of one parkour team.
  • When posting your video, make sure you post the nicknames of all the team members (not more than 4 members). If the team wins, only the specified players will get the reward.
  • The video cannot contain any violation to the Game Rules.
  • Intellectual and exclusive rights to works created by participants of this competition, are automatically transferred to the Administration from the moment of sending or their placement on the
  • Site, with the right to use the works in any way, and in any country of the world, without specifying the author’s name and without any compensation.


200,000 crystals per team, and a Parkour Master paint to each of its members. The paint will be boosted with 30% protections against Railgun and mines!


  • Entries are accepted till 9am UTC on September 23
  • We will announce the results of the contest and award the winners on September 25

Let’s see how crazy you can get with your battle machines, tankers!

Good luck!

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