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TO Commentators Contest Winners


We asked you to download an epic battle and to take it to the next level by adding epic commentary to it. You listened and you delivered!

We’ve had some amazing entries full of enthusiasm, adrenaline and even some funny, goofy moments. We had a great time listening to all of them, but here are the best of the best:

Victorious at the 1st Place, snatching a prize of 150000 crystals, we have chocokiwi.

In a very honorable second place, grabbing 120000 crystals, we have I_Purified-KilleR_I.

And in the third place, making off with 70000 crystals, tony990_superstar.

Congratulations to our top three contestants!

Also, deserving an honorable mention and a sizeable catch of 40000 crystals:

zaynbad7, PremiumShiny, Tankcraze_EN, DarthvaderjonGTR, TheTitaniumFalcon, fighter310, Fen-Harel + Hogree, Peace-Keeper-99

A special mention goes to DuckHonk who gets a price of 25000 crystals for the interesting, original approach and good use of instant replays, which gave a deeper level of analysis to some serious in-game action. This entry drew a clear line where eSports leaves casual gaming. It’s also a good guide for novices who would want to know more about specific skillsets and tactics involved in eSports compared to conventional gaming.

A huge thank you to all the participants for the great job, and once again congratulations to our winners, honorable mentions and special mentions. Keep it up and watch out for the next contest!