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The Updated Battle List is live!

Hello tankers!

The updated and improved battle list is already in the game. The changes made are largely based on your feedback. Battles are now sorted in a more logical way, while important info on each battle is readily available without any extra clicks.

We have also decreased the range of ranks for low and middle rank battles and made several changes to the way PRO battle pass works.

You can find more info on the update below.

  • Battle info will now include battle mode, map name, battle duration, and time left till the end of the round. All the info is now in the same place.
  • Battles are now grouped by battle mode, then sorted by duration. You will only see battles available at your rank. Those with open spots will be highlighted. If you have a PRO battle pass, PRO battles will be at the very top of your list.
  • Private battle creation, and PRO-battles access, are now exclusively PRO battle pass features. This solution keeps the customizability for hardcore tankers, while keeping the accessible, arcade feel for gamers who only want to play for fun.
  • We have removed custom battle names as these were often distracting and misleading, and sometimes even contained inappropriate language.
  • We have narrowed the rank limits in battles for tankers of lower and middle ranks. Now they will face opponents of their same weight category more often.

Now, it’s time to jump right into the game and check out the new features for yourselves. Make sure you come back to share your feedback with us in the forum and via the poll. Have fun Tankers!