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Support for Format Battles

Hello tankers!

We’ve just added support for Format Battles to the game.

You can create or join a Format Battle by using a PRO pass. To determine a battle’s format, choose one of the available format options in the PRO battle creation menu.

The game currently supports 4 formats: Hornet and Railgun (XP), Wasp and Railgun (BP), Hornet or Wasp with Railgun (XP/BP), as well as Parkour.

To join a Format Battle, you must use the required equipment combination. Any other combination will not be allowed. The game will notify you if you need to change your equipment for the battle. Detailed descriptions of all supported formats can be found on the Tanki Online wiki.

Parkour mode is designed specifically to cater for parkourists. In this mode, supplies do not have any cooldowns and can be activated any time. Also, participants are not awarded any score or experience points, and the battle fund does not grow.

Additionally, Format Battles are now marked with a special icon and common abbreviations in the battle list.

Now, enter the game and share your thoughts on the update in the forum and via the poll. Your feedback will help determine the way forward.