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More updates to the battle list


Since the release of the updated battle list, we’ve received a lot of suggestions from you. Our developers have analyzed them and are rolling out two small but useful changes to the battle list.

  • Battle mode filters are back. You can find them at the usual place — below the battle list inside the game.
  • Battle info in the list has been changed. Now, it combines the functionality of the updated version with the traditional layout, including the pre-update abbreviations for battle modes.

On a final note, we’ll soon be implementing support for format battles as an experimental feature in PRO battles. At first, we will be supporting the most popular formats, which are Hornet and Railgun, Wasp and Railgun, and Parkour. Depending on the popularity of the feature, and a number of other criteria, we’ll decide whether we should continue to develop it.

We’ll keep you updated!