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Create a video tutorial and win a full micro-upgraded tank!

A real tanker is fearless in the arena, and takes up any challenge with determination and focus. Well, we have a challenge for all real tankers out there. But first, the reward:

A fully micro-upgraded tank (turret, hull and paint) available at the winner’s rank and 100 000 crystals

Interested? Then here’s the challenge.

Create a tutorial video with commentary on how to use smart supplies to overcome all of the following three dares:

  • Deathmatch – survive for 5 minutes on a full map, while remaining actively engaged in combat and raking in kills.
  • Team Deathmatch – get 40 kills in 5 minutes on a full map.
  • Capture the Flag – deliver a flag for each of the 2 bases (maximum time to deliver each flag is 1 minute, you are not allowed to drop the flag once you have it).

Your videos can be filmed in any of the following ten maps: Rio, Serpuhov, Highland, Sandbox, Iran, Silence, Future, Polygon, 2042 and Kungur. You are allowed to use a different map for every dare.

If you think you’re the smartest and most tactical tanker out there; if you think you’ve got what it takes to win the tank of your dreams, visit the official contest thread now. There you can find out more about the rules and dates of this contest, and post your entry. Visit the forum now!