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New Product Kits system


The new Product Kits system has just been rolled out.

For the time being, the new system will be applied to existing kits. Eventually, the old kits will be gradually phased out and replaced with new ones. We already have a bunch of new kits planned, but that will come later. For now, jump right into the game and discover all the exciting features for yourself.

Or read on for a detailed explanation of all the cool features that this update will be dishing out.

If we’re running a promotion on an item in a kit, you get the extra discount.

Product kits have always been heavily discounted. With the new kits system, besides getting a massive overall discount, you will also benefit from any running promotions on any of the individual items in the kit.

Let’s say we’re running a promotion giving 50% off Railgun, and you buy a kit with an overall discount of 40%, that also includes that turret. In this case, the kit will apply a 40% discount on top of the 50% promotional price for the Railgun.

If the kit contains the next mod of an item you already have, you will receive an additional discount for each parameter that you have fully micro-upgraded on that item.

This is similar to when buying the next mod of an item that you have fully micro-upgraded.

E.g. The kit contains an M2 Shaft. You already have a fully upgraded M1 Shaft. Therefore you will receive a discount on the M2 in the kit.

Each kit description will display a countdown timer to show for how long the kit will be available.

To keep things interesting, and to make sure that we are catering for the needs of everybody, we have decided to make each kit available for a limited time only. For the sake of clarity, kits will now display a timer that will indicate when the kit is due to expire.

That way, you will never miss a good bargain. It’s also a great way to estimate when a new kit might be introduced.

On a final note, kit descriptions are now a lot more informative, giving you a detailed breakdown of all the items, discounts and additional promotions for each kit.

This update comes as a result of listening to your feedback, and we’ve worked very hard to get it right. We hope you will enjoy it!