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New Anti-Flood System goes live


In episode 7 of the VLOG, we told you about how our developers have been working on an anti-flood system so that you can have a better experience in chat. Well, the anti-flood system is now live. In case you’re a bit fuzzy on the details, here’s what it’s all about.

The system works by restricting the number of characters over time. The restriction may not necessarily apply to the whole message but even to a part of it. If you’ve used up your quota of characters for a set period of time, the extra ones will be highlighted in red, and instead of the “Send” button, you will see a timer telling you how long you have to wait before sending a message of such length. You can simply make the text shorter and send it, or wait till the time restriction is removed.

Of course, if you’re well behaved in chat, the anti-flood system will not affect you in the least, except for the fact that you will see less flooding in the chat stream.

We hope the new anti-flood system will make Tanki Online chat more enjoyable. We will continue to test extensively and fine-tune to get the best results possible.