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50% discount on Wasp, Freeze & related paints plus 25% off credit card purchases


If you’ve been dying for a breeze of fresh air, Freeze is here for the rescue. The undisputed turret of cool is getting a 50% price slash for 24 hours, along with the following paints: Inferno, Zeus, In love, Jaguar, Python, Lava, Rustle, Irbis.

And if your supply of crystals has melted away due to the excessive heat, we’re giving you a 25% discount off all purchases made via credit card as well. Plus, there’s a 50% discount on Wasp too because it’s a cool hull.
So, to recapitulate, that’s 50% off Wasp, Freeze and select paints, and 25% off crystals purchased via credit card. These discounts are currently active and are valid till 1 am (UTC+0) on August 23.

Grab a cold drink, chill out and be the coolest in the arena with Freeze! Only a few hours of discount left.