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Support your team and win a prize!

The best four teams in Star Series have made it to the finals of the season. They are now ready to face each other in confrontation worth $15,000! We can’t let you miss something this epic, so we are running an event where you too can get a prize!

Till 1 am UTC+0 on August 1 you had an ability to buy one of 4 special paints in the garage; one for each of the finalists:

If you bought a paint, you automatically became a “fan” of one of the finalists. Each match won by your team will give you 20 of each supply! And if you want to be a top fan of your team by supporting it during the games, you will get your prize multiplied by 5!

All you need to do is:

  • Register on Twitch (you can log in using your Facebook account) and subscribe (click “Follow”) to our esports channel
  • Watch every battle your team participates in, on this channel
  • While the stream of the battle involving your team is live, simply write your nickname in the stream chat, exactly as it is written in the game. There is no need to write anything except for your nick.

If you meet all the requirements and your team wins the battle, we will give you not 20, but 100 of each supply!

The final stage of Star Series will be a double-elimination tournament. Battles will be taking place on the following days:

  • 5 pm (UTC+0) on August 1
  • 5 pm (UTC+0) on August 2
  • 5 pm (UTC+0) on August 3
  • 5 pm (UTC+0) on August 4
  • 5 pm (UTC+0) on August 5
  • 5 pm (UTC+0) on August 8

Please note that the supplies award will be multiplied 5 times only if you subscribed to our Twitch channel, wrote your nickname correctly in the stream’s chat, and your team won the battle. Purchased paints will stay in your garage till the end of Star Series Season 1.