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Changes in Product Kits

Tankers! Another update for kits is coming, and for this one we have listened very closely to your feedback. As always, the new kits will replace the least popular of the old ones. Here is what will change.

Several existing kits will be removed from the game. These are; Light Tanki M1 (Wasp + Firebird), Medium Tank M3 (Hunter + Smoky), as well as M1 and M2 Paint Kits. They will be replaced with two new paint kits as well as M1 Medium Tank, M1 light Tank and M3 Medium Tank kits.

The changes will be applied on June 16. If you were planning on buying any of the kits that will soon be removed, you should do this now!

Here are detailed descriptions of the new kits:


Medium Tank M1

Price: 59 990
Available from Warrant Officer 3 to First Lieutenant
Hull: Dictator М1
Turret: Railgun М1
Paints: Storm, Desert, Cedar
50 of each supply


Light Tank М1

Price: 59 990
Available from Warrant Officer 2 to Second Lieutenant
Hull: Hornet М1
Turret: Freeze М1
Paints: Corrosion, Swash, Dirty
50 of each supply


Medium Tank M3

Price: 449 990
Available from Commander to Generalissimo
Hull: Hunter М3
Turret: Firebird М3
Paints: Clay and Prodigi
250 of each supply


Paint Kit M1

Price: 44 990
Available from Warrant Officer 4 to Lieutenant Colonel
Paints: Dragon, Swash, Jaguar, Tundra
50 of each supply

Paint Kit M2

Price: 129 990
Available from Lieutenant Colonel to Lieutenant General
Paints: Spark, Hohloma, Loam
100 of each supply