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Tanki Online Staff by Raphael2

It’s not a secret to anyone that Tanki Online is a very popular game. It’s very social too, so a huge part of the work is actually done by active members of the community. Volunteers who want to help the project can do it by applying to be part of the staff – several teams of motivated tankmen, willing to help newcomers, entertain players and make sure everyone behaves according to the rules.
These players can be recognized by their special paints and forum avatars, and are rewarded with crystals for their hard work.
In this article, you’ll find brief reviews of each helpers group and get to know them better.


I’ll start with my job. I am a reporter. There are  9 reporters, regularly writing articles, guides, interviewing famous players, creating contests. Our articles are published on the main page while the discussions on them are held on the forum, in the Press section. I’ve asked conanthedestroyer, our administrator, to describe our job.

“The job of a reporter for Tanki Online involves players writing articles for the English Community. These articles can take the form of fictional stories to guides about how to improve your quality of play within the game. The writers are free to write about current events and topics that interest them. They are expected to write 2-5 articles a month and receive a payment in crystals for each article written.”


You’ve surely already seen their actions, the chat moderators deal with offenders and keep the chat clean. They can also come to the rescue in your battles and kick inactive mults!

Ostrica, the chat moderators’ administrator, describes the job:

“Chat moderators are the ones who are prepared to prevent and deal with any problematic situation on the chat and in the battles, which includes offences and/or foul play. They are not the punishers, they should be regarded as assistants to the players since their job is to make sure that battles and server chats are an enjoyable surrounding for everyone. Their job is not to be taken lightly – chat moderating requires a great amount of time, tact, patience and dedication in order to be done properly.”


You are facing a problem. You need some information on Tanki’s history. You are confused by something. Just ask a consultant! They’ll answer you questions directly or help you find the answer.

FederalBureauFBI, the Consultants’ administrator, describes Consultants’ task:

“Consultants are people with much knowledge, whose main task is answering players’ questions in both forum and chat. They assist people who have problems with playing, questions about upcoming or already released updates, or are just interested in knowing more about Tanki. These guys also have partial chat powers, as well as constant connection to moderators, so if there’s no moderator on the server, they can “hold” the offender and then tell the moderators about him or her, who will issue the ban needed.
If you have any questions about the game, feel free to contact any of the consultants, or ask your question in the special topic for questions and answers. Even if a consultant doesn’t know the exact answer, he can always contact his administrator, or ask a developer. This should clear all your doubts about if the answer you got is actually true and accurate.”


Social networks keep growing and become more and more popular. the Official Tanki Online Facebook page keeps having new fans and our Facebook moderators are here to keep the page clean, to answer any questions, and to reply to PMs.

FederalBureauFBI is their administrator as well:

“Facebook moderators’ job is really close to consultants, the only difference is that Facebook mods work in Tanki’s Facebook page. They answer players’ questions asked in comments under posts, as well as queries received via the page’s PM system. FB mods can also ban people who post phishing links, offer account exchange, insult others or break any other rules of the page or the game.”


You enjoy using the Forum? A huge team of moderators are there to keep it clean from flooders, scammers, and trolls. You can call them whenever you see someone breaking the rules.

I’ve asked Issho_Fujitora (formerly known as BarbaFenner89), an experienced forum moderator, to describe his job, and the atmosphere that prevails in the Staff.

“A forum moderator constantly checks the whole forum for violations and makes sure that all players are welcome and feel themselves like “at home”.
The Forum is a place where tankers spend their time when not playing in the game. Players share their opinions and thoughts on all sorts of things there, so forum moderators are to make sure everyone enjoys their time and doesn’t have to worry about anything.
Some say that the job is easy, but it is absolutely not!
We check the whole forum daily, prevent scams, report violations and resolve issues of all kinds, we are ready to fight all possible emergencies related to the game or the forum and we are always planning new things to do to make our community a better place: I doubt that it is so easy to do all of this daily without making players aware of what we are doing!
We are monitoring all that happens in the forum and around it, for you all to enjoy your spare time at its best!
Another important part of being a forum moderator is working with my colleagues, who I consider an “extended family”: it is one of the best parts of this job. We share opinions, ideas and work as a team, this is what I consider a good “daily medicine”. We work together everyday to make the community bigger and better for you all!”


A lot of you have already seen live streams of exciting battles, and you have heard about the tournaments held by the Cybersport staff, from the huge Clan Championship to smaller quicker events such as the Staff vs Players Tournament.
That’s what our DJs do – comment on battles and organize all sorts of events for clans and individuals.

SuperNick95, the Cybersport administrator, presents his agents’ job:

“Commentators are the eye through which players can spectate cybersport. They make average battles feel like huge events, thanks to their commentary. Commentators are supported by professional cameramen who stream the battle, so hosts can focus just on what they have to say. The job is well-paid and quite simple from the looks of it. In fact, it’s easy to learn but very hard to master. And of course, it provides great fun and excitement to whoever gets involved.”

You can easily distinguish a member of staff in the forum thanks to their avatars. But how to do that in battles? Quite easily actually, each group of staff is issued with their own special paint. More information on helpers’ paintjobs can be found here.

On a final note, if you want to be helping the community and apply for any of the jobs mentioned above, you should first check if you meet the requirements given in this topic.
If you don’t meet them, don’t apply just yet, spend some extra time in the game and get more experience or simply wait till you get old enough for joining a particular staff group. Applying while not meeting the requirements will just give more work to the administrator.
If you meet the requirements, fill in the application form and post it in the forum – your personal information will be only available to administrators.

That’s about it! I hope that you’ve learned a thing or two from this article! Thanks for reading!

By Raphael2