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Update 254 — Balancing of Turrets and Hulls

Hello, tankers!

Update 254 is finally ready. It brought numerous changes in parameters of all turrets and hulls in order to make the game more balanced.

Many of you may have heard from our latest video about the fact that the balancing of turrets and hulls was a challenging and time-consuming task. 
Several days ago we held an open testing during which we were carefully studying your feedback on specific items. 
Our goal was to make sure that every player could achieve good results in battles, regardless of the turret and the hull being used.

An important thing about microupgrades!
None of them is gone, they are still installed on your turrets and hulls.
Of course, if the maximum number of MU steps has changed, the number of MUs installed on your turret or hull will also change. Quite often in your favor.
For example, if you upgraded 8 out of 10 steps, while the total number of steps available in now 5 instead of 10, you will now have 4 MUs out of 5.
If the total number of steps is increased to 20, you will have 16 installed.
Finally, if you completed 19 steps out of 20, while the total number has been decreased to 10, you now have not 9.5 but full 10 MUs.
Also, if some of your MUs were in progress when we were changing the number of steps, they have been automatically completed!

To conclude, these changes are not final. We will be constantly altering parameters of turrets and hulls to make sure that all the equipment is equally popular, playable and effective.