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Commentator contest is over!

Tankers, the time has come to announce winners of the Tanki Online Commentator Contest!

Here they are:

1 place — planetawesom
Prizes — 100 000 crystals and 200 of each supply.

2 place — Funini2012
Prizes — 70 000 crystals and 150 of each supply.

3 place — GoldRock and Theawesomecooldude
Prizes — 50 000 crystals and 100 of each supply.

Moreover, we were so impressed with the overall quality of videos, that it was decided to provide a consolation prize of 25 000 crystals to everyone who submitted a correct entry!

Finally, the cybersport team is happy to say that they are interested in several contestants as potential commentators. They will be contacted privately via forum PM.

Thank you for taking part and congratulations to the winners!