YouTubers VS Developers

To change your nickname, you need to buy the Rename Pass. To buy the rename pass, simply open shop and scroll down to the very bottom. Here you will see an item called ‘rename’.

The pass allows you to change your nickname once; and is spent after use. It can be purchased in the Shop for 2000 tankoins. After the purchase, it appears in the “Special” category of the Garage and disappears once used.

You can make sure that your new name isn’t already taken (How to check nickname availability) and it doesn’t break the Game Rules. Please note that the nickname should consist of at least 3 symbols.

Now a here are a few commonly asked questions:


Q: Does the service maintain all my account information and garage items?
A: Everything (experience, rating, and tanks and guns in the garage) stays the same and only the nickname is changed.

Q: Does the service clean my karma?
A: No, all your violations and the account history are still there.

Q: Does the service change my password as well?
A: No, it will still be the same until you change it.

Q: Does my nickname in the forum and Help Site change too?
A: Yes.