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Change your nickname
Hello Friends!”Tanki Online”  now has a “change nickname” service. This capability was present in the game before, but due to difficulties in its implementation, it was canceled. The New server platform allows us to completely automate the process.


This is how nickname change was done in the past : the name changing player was to register a new account with the desired name, and the Tanki Online technical support staff were to manually transfer all the data into it: guns, hulls , paint, experience and game currency. Often, players used the opportunity to clear their bad karma logs as it was impossible to move them. Now the procedure is simpler: a new account is not required to change the nickname you need only to choose an available and inconsistent with the rules of the game name and give it the name of the specialist technical support help@tankionline.com .  The account – including all of its history – only the name in the game will change.

The service cost 100 000 crystals.

Here is how to check the availability of a nickname.
Contact technical support  –  help@tankionline.com